Year 2023 is surely one year to not forget. Scientist in different works and profession have continued to leave us speechless, from Medical science, Automobiles, Gaming, AI, Beauty products, Lifestyle and others. i have put together a list of ten amazing mind-blowing technological discoveries in year 2023.


Every year, about $50 Billion  is spent on medical costs related to older adults taking a fall. The CAN Go is an AI-powered smart cane with fall detection, activity tracking, GPS location, a flashlight, and emergency-calling features. “A lot of seniors don’t adopt new technologies,” says Ahmad Alghazi, founder and CEO of CAN, “which is why we decided to embed them into devices they already need or use.” The device, which updates over the air, learns about the daily activity of its users and can share that data with family members and medical professionals.

No. 2 L’Oreal

Since 2009, Lancôme has been empowering women with the most personalized solutions powered by next-generation beauty tech. As part of its mission to use tech for good and make beauty accessible for all, Lancôme continues to set the pace of innovation with HAPTA. Bringing the science of touch to women everywhere, HAPTA is designed for those with hand-motion disorders, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, and following stroke-related motion challenges. This motion-stabilizing device harnesses the power of technology to assist those who have difficulty raising their arms due to limited mobility issues, and people with limited grip strength who struggle with precise application. It also helps anyone with limited wrist mobility who may find it difficult to get a comfortable angle when applying lipstick or mascara, as well as those experiencing tremors and a lack of sensation in the hands. 

No. 3 Sony Access Controller

More than a third of the world plays video games, but participation remains a challenge for the 16% of the population living with a significant disability. Enter Play­Station’s Access Controller, a customizable kit that features a joystick along with 22 swappable components that can be configured into various layouts and combined with other accessories to meet different physical needs. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president of platform experience, Hideaki Nishino, says the PlayStation 5–­compatible device’s creation involved five years of research and development alongside accessibility experts.

No. 4 LEGO Braille Bricks

Once available only through schools and other educational institutions, Lego Braille Bricks—which teach visually impaired children necessary tactile skills—are finally coming to consumers’ homes. The set (currently available in English and French, with more languages on the way) takes the classic 2×4 building brick and modifies its knobs to correspond with the braille alphabet, numbers, and symbols. The pieces are compatible with all Lego products. “We developed these for everyone, so even sighted children and family members can show their interest in learning braille,” says Rasmus Logstrup Jensen, Lego’s creative lead on partnerships and innovation.

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No. 5 Samba Robotic Toothbrush

In more than 20 years working in the oral-care industry, Steffen Mueller has noticed one group that’s consistently underserved: people with disabilities, nearly 88% of whom experience tooth decay. Some vibrating toothbrushes for people with mobility difficulties leave them unable to clean hard-to-reach spaces, says Mueller, managing director of Swiss oral-health company Curaprox: “There’s no movement in the mouth.”
The company’s brand-new Samba Robotic Toothbrush corrects this. Shaped like a U and featuring 12,900 soft bristles, it moves around the gumline and oscillates at both high and low frequencies to cover every tooth and groove, with no motion required of the user.

NO. 6 OpenAI GPT-4

Eight months on from its March release, OpenAI’s GPT-4 remains the most powerful AI model to power a chatbot accessible to the public. While its predecessor, ChatGPT, performed better than just 10% of students taking the bar exam, GPT-4 outperformed 90% of them. It’s adept at verbal reasoning, can break down complicated concepts into simple language, and can even explain why a joke is funny. In September, OpenAI began rolling out the abilities to interact with the model by voice and to use images as inputs. The update, GPT-4V, was tested with Be My Eyes, an organization that builds tools for visually impaired people, and can verbally describe the contents of a picture in natural language.

NO. 7 Human Defense Platform

n the past year, cybersecurity firm Human Security took down not just one, but two of the biggest ad-fraud ever discovered. The company seeks to disrupt digital scammers’ business model by tracking and verifying trillions of interactions weekly across billions of devices. Its suite of software solutions helps more than 1,200 brands defend against a broad range of threats—from outright fraud and theft to disinformation and manipulation—by flagging logins using compromised credentials, ensuring paid ads reach real humans, or searching for and destroying bot-driven attacks. “When we stop an operation,” says Human co-founder and CEO Tamer Hassan, “we increase the costs or cut off a revenue stream for the fraudsters.”

No. 8 Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1

Ethiopian runner Tigst Assefa wore the brand-new Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 super shoe at September’s Berlin Marathon, and set a women’s marathon world record with a finish time of 2:11:53—two minutes and 11 seconds faster than the previous record. Twenty-five percent lighter than the ubiquitous Nike Vaporfly (and, at 4.9 oz., it’s also lighter than any other distance racing shoe on the market), the Evo 1 features a translucent lightweight upper and a super-thin rubber outsole. Adidas trimmed additional weight using a proprietary “cutting-edge manufacturing process to reimagine our record-breaking Lightstrike Pro foam,” says Charlotte Heidmann, a senior global product manager. The catch: A pair is $500, and “only good for one race and a familiarization period,” says Heidmann.

No. 9 Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot

Current cars’ “self-driving” modes still require hands near the wheel and eyes on the road. But with an advanced new multi-sensor system called Drive Pilot, Mercedes-Benz’s 2024 S-Class and EQS Sedans are the first cars certified for Level 3 self-driving in the U.S. (in California and Nevada). It means that under certain conditions (mainly highway traffic jams, with low speeds and a well-mapped road), you can completely cede control to the vehicle.

No. 10 Cync Dynamic Effects Neon-Shape Smart Lights

LED strip lights are increasingly popular in home-­entertainment setups. But GE’s Cync Dynamic Effects Neon-Shape Smart Lights are a little different from the kind most of us are familiar with. The neon rope lights include embedded microphones, which allow them to dynamically respond to the beat of the music or sounds from the TV. The product is a dream for anyone looking to create their own light shows or make their living-­room viewing experience feel immersive.


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